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Roxy Grace

Easter Egg Bath Bombs

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Can’t find the Easter Bunny in your yard this year? That’s because he’s hangin’ out with Roxy —decorating an excitingly different kind of ‘Easter Egg’ ... Our Good Egg Bath Bombs come conveniently packaged by the half-dozen in a rainbow of pastels —ready to make your special someone’s bath time come alive with colorful fun! Made with all natural ingredients including Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils, our Good Egg Bath Bombs come attractively packaged in a clear, round ‘egg crate.’ Fun for kids & adults, too. Celebrate bath time with soothing, tingly effervescence. Each Assortment of Six Scents includes ONE each of: Blue / Tropical Island • Pink / Grapefruit • Purple / Lavender • Orange / Citrus • Green / Honeydew • Yellow / Lemon