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White Round Willow Gift Basket with Gingham Liner and Handle

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Dimensions: Large: 15.5 Dia x 16.75 H, Medium: 13.5 Dia x 15.25 H, Small: 11.25 Dia x 13 H Ideal for your dining table, kitchen, party, and picnic Handle allows convenient and easy carrying Stackable, when not in use it is easy to storage Decorative gingham liner keeps crumbs inside ​These gift baskets are the perfect sizes and will add an elegant design to your dining table or kitchen counter. Great for baked goods, ​fill it with your favorite pastries, muffins, bagels, rolls, bread or fruits. Decorative gingham liner protects the bread from dust and keeps the crumbs inside. These baskets are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, ideal for your dining table, kitchen, party, and picnic. Fill, serve and enjoy!